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16 November 2007 @ 07:14 pm

Has been tops!!!  I got a big ole cake at work, a card from Adella and Gladys and a bunch of gifts from Jude!  Plus my mom got me a carmel macchiato, some gifts, gas money AND made me dinner.  WOoo hoo!  

Later tonight i'm out with my girls!  We are gonna party down and enjoy our time together.  

I so feel the love and I'm as happy as can be!  WOooo hooo!

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30 October 2007 @ 08:19 am

My wonderful daughter is doing so well here.  She has good quality friends, she is being challenged at school, she has the abundance of love from all her family and she loves that cold nights means mommy snuggles and cocoa.  She is really proving to flourish here.  We are slowly working on finding an extracurricular activity soon that will let her blow off some steam.  She is so full of life and the dickens that once she gets in the groove at school, she will be able to do something a little extra.  I told her if she keeps her spelling up like she has she will get the opportunity to join a sport or after school activity of her choice.   I look forward to it.  And she has made good friends with Amanda.  We are still on the lookout for Elizabeth.  I fear at this point her and her brother have left the area.  We hope where ever they are they are happy and healthy.  

Today and Thursday I have a interview as an admin. assistant.  Both are great jobs with full benefits and will give me the opportunity to get my life in order.  The pay is decent for the area and both are for new businesses that are strictly local.  I'm completely happy with that concept.  Buffalo is really starting to get itself going.  The economy is a little better, and the art scene here is jumping.  I have gone to several of Mike Parkers gigs and spent sometime with him and Monique.  He is a great guy and an awesome dj.  Things are really looking up.  Well, I have to drop my sis off at school and get ready for my interview, so ttfn. 

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28 October 2007 @ 11:26 pm

So what can I say I'm finally home.  But what is home for some people?  Do people truly know what home is?  I have asked myself that so many times in my significantly, short life.  What is home?  And tonight I finally defined it for myself, and hopefully it awakens something in someone else.  So here goes...

Home for me is a feeling, not just a place.  It is were you can walk and feel complete, know that you have come full circle, see people that you have known so long that they understand you and love you for your short comings as much as your strengths.  It the place where you can laugh about your past and not feel judged for who you are or what  you've done.  Home is where you hang your hat, or better yet where your heart is.  I truly love my home even though I have so much healing to do in my heart.  But what better place to do it then the place where everything started.  So many of us turn our back on home because it is such hard work.  It is not easy to make that place for yourself.  It takes blood, sweat and tears with a equal dose of laughter, strength and joy.  But that is what makes home so great.  You made this place for yourself.  And if its a real home you probably worked damn hard for it.  So anyone that has a hard time looking around and seeing those they love, maybe  you have a little more work to do,  cause nothing that is worth it in the end is easy.  I should know, I'm living it right now!

So as I sit here and listen to my mom watching the red sox, my step dad snore the roof off, the dvd player upstairs in my sisters room, the dog sigh as she lays down for the night or the sound of my daughter sigh and giggle in her sleep I feel home all around me.  This is what makes us rich.  This is what success is.  Cause when you die your money is worthless, but the memories you leave behind are the most priceless gift you can give.  

I ask everyone right now, at this moment.  Are you at home?  Do you love your family and friends completely?  Have you sang out loud and danced like you mean it?  IF you can't say yes to all of these where are you?  Just think about it.  

Love to all of you!

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02 October 2007 @ 07:49 pm

I posted this because my mom's dog, Tatiana, talks.  She says I love you!  It freakin rocks!  Anyways, listen carefully.  This is a freaking riot.
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02 October 2007 @ 07:41 pm
blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! That is all!

P.S. I'm rediculously addicted to Pet Vets 2. I think something is wrong with my brain. Oy Vey!!
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28 September 2007 @ 10:13 pm
My daughter accidently knocked over an entire aquarium of seamonkeys. I felt worse for the seamonkeys then I did the mess.

R.I.P Seamonkeys
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21 September 2007 @ 08:34 pm

They are a type of fairy shrimp...although they are not considered regular shrimp. They are the strangest looking things. But they are easy to take care of and they are fun to watch! Well, that's all folks!
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31 August 2007 @ 11:09 pm
I just want to tell all my friends I love them, and none of you will be forgotten. You are all in my heart and mind. Take care and keep in touch. Hugs and kisses!

Bye bye Arizona.....hello New York!
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19 August 2007 @ 11:44 am

This is AWESOME!
19 August 2007 @ 11:36 am

I don't know wny, but I can't stop listening to this. It is pretty interesting, hitting on a lot of political views. Not all I agree with, but I do think it is awesome he is getting it out there. Good stuff. Check it out.
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